Psalm 5

God help me to become wiser in regards to evil. Help me to understand what it means to be as sly as a serpent, and as innocent as a dove (Matthew 10:16). How is it that evil can be so easy to see, yet so difficult to name? I look around in my local and global community and see the violence and injustice, and it is easy to say, this is not right! However, there is both a stigma, and a fear attached to naming it as evil. I do not want to look too conservative, too pentecostal, too crazy, and so I look for other things to call it. It is just sad, confusing, or heartbreaking.

What evil wants most is to destroy what resembles the Kingdom of God. I, and we are the Imago Dei, and we are the image of God on this earth. If the accuser’s best trick is to persuade you that it doesn’t exist (Baudelaire), then perhaps its next best trick is to convince you that you do not matter. If one does not matter, then evil would not bother with them. Maybe to ‘matter’ is too much responsibility in the kingdom of God. Perhaps it is too risky to be seen or known. 

Help me God to know how much I matter to you, your kingdom, and you plan. God give me wisdom as I sit in the tension naming evil. And God, give me strength each day as I declare war on evil. 


This last weekend I was able to sit in on some of the sessions for the Story Workshop, which is part of the Allender Center. It was an amazing blessing and privilege, and these are some of the things that I have been pondering on since. 


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