Psalm 2


There are times when I feel betrayed by my body. One day I was running, playing soccer, climbing and hiking. Just graduated from college, the future was supposed to be everything I worked for. And then, spinal cord damage, and chronic pain. God, sometimes the pain feels like too much, and my body is like a prison. There was supposed to be more adventures, more mountains, more races.

I am not sure why you chose to heal me in the ways that you did. It was all about me, what I had worked for, and the adventures I had planned. Completely undeserving, but hope restored. The words I have to say thank you seem too small.

I am still scared, I feel like I cannot trust my body. But I thank you for the good days, every adventure, and the hope that more will come. Even though I lament on the hard days, please forgive me when I fail to be grateful. God help me to remember, allow my faith, to be my hope for the future.


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